Investment Selector

Understanding what can and cannot be invested in a self-invested pension and how those investments are treated isn’t always clear. However, it is always clear at Hornbuckle. That’s why we’ve created the ‘Investment Selector’ tool to provide our clients and distribution partners with a quick and simple reference guide for the wide range of investment types that we allow. Using this tool is easy. Select the asset category you want and then select the investment type. The summary data table will then provide you with key descriptions. For more detailed information and data relating to how we support that type of investment click on ‘Show more detail’. You can also access our Permitted investment schedule for more information.
Permitted Investment Schedule

The Adviser Centre

The Adviser Centre is also part of the Embark Group of companies and is a free-to-air, online fund research and consultancy service, dedicated to helping financial advisers to assess, select and monitor suitable actively-managed funds from the whole of the market. The service is practical, focused and easy-to-use and designed to reside at the heart of an adviser’s investment process. To find out more, please visit:

Please select your asset type(s) and instrument from the panels opposite.

The Investment Selector tool provides information about the different asset classes that may be held in a Hornbuckle Mitchell SIPP or SSAS. It does not provide any recommendation on the suitability of any asset for a client's personal circumstances. A client should always seek financial advice on the suitability of any investment within a SIPP. Find a financial adviser.

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