Commercial property

Commercial property can represent an attractive asset class for pension plans. While it can seem complex and costly, it doesn’t have to be. We have a proven record in buying, administering and selling commercial properties in pension plans. We work with experts in their respective fields every step of the way to help your clients achieve the full potential from investing in commercial property  for their retirement.

How we do it

We do not believe that investing in commercial property needs to complex and time consuming. Our aim for each transaction is to make the process as straightforward and efficient as possible.
Working with our specialist partners, we have simplified what can often be complex processes with standard documentation and better ways of working together in conveyancing, insurance, administration and sourcing properties.
We provide some or all of the following services:

  • Project management: We organise and manage our panel providers as they carry out specialist activities including conveyancing, contract structuring, insurance brokering and environmental assessments;
  • Property purchase and administration: We liaise and coordinate with tenants, lenders, solicitors and HMRC as required;
  • Property management: We can provide qualified and insured local property managers to ensure compliance with lease, insurance and health & safety requirements;

How to find out more and apply?

Advisers can contact us on the behalf of their client and our transaction team will review the plans with you and assess how we can best help.
To help you understand the process, please use the documents below.
What we charge
Commercial property forms and documents

Something to keep in mind

Commercial property can be a less liquid investment and disposal of it may take longer than exchange traded investments. You should take this into account when considering whether to recommend a property investment and the need for liquid assets to pay retirement benefits for your clients as and when they fall due. At the time of taking benefits the property will need to be valued which will incur a cost to the pension scheme.

Lambert Smith Hampton – Coordination & Treasury

Lambert Smith Hampton are the largest UK only property consultancy with around 1,500 specialists in offices in 32 locations across the UK and Ireland. They have a unique platform of knowledge and experience in property investments combined with an understanding of the legislation and regulation specific to the self invested pension commercial property industry. Their extensive office network deals with all aspects of commercial property, providing advice and values across the country based upon the latest local market intelligence which can be tailored to the SIPP industry.

Investment in regions outside of London

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