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Important changes to your clients’ pensions
As you are aware we annually review the charging structure of our pension schemes. Below are details of the changes which take effect for all clients from 1st February 2018. We recently wrote to all of the advisers we do business with to update them of the changes.
Our 2018 fees
We take our fiduciary responsibilities seriously in respect of both our pension schemes and the assets held within them. We have invested and will continue to invest to ensure we safeguard our schemes. We are committed to achieving positive customer outcomes and a significant part of this is complying with the regulatory capital regime, which we endorse. Our driving force is to provide services in a safe, controlled and compliant manner for the benefit of our customers and their pension schemes.

However due to our ability to pass on savings in some areas through ongoing investment in administration technology, we are pleased to be able to announce that over 65% of our fees remain at last year’s level and nearly 15% have reduced.
When do they come into effect?
All changes to fees for periodic or one-off activities will take effect from the 1st February 2018.

Changes to our recurring fees, such as the annual administration fee, will come into effect from your clients' next renewal dates on or after 1st February 2018.

You can view our current fee schedules which will be in effect until 31st January 2018 here.
Want to get in touch?
If you have any questions about the changes to fees please contact our Client Servicing Team at or on 0844 728 9090*.

*Calls to this number will cost you 3.90 pence per minute (PPM) for landline and 22.0 PPM for mobiles, plus your phone company's access charge of up to 5.0 PPM for non -internet users